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Midgie is Jeff Nutter's mother, and Jeff Nutter is the Authorized Dealer of authorizeddealer.blogspot.com. Jeff was among the first readers of Evan's blog, and later, among the first to comment on mine. We teamed up to design a template for his blog that really suits him, I think. Late last year Midgie made the move to a care facility called Ashton Gables in the vicinity of Birmingham, Alabama. The effort to keep her at home with nurses and daily visits from the family finally required superhuman effort. The spirit is willing, as they say, but the flesh is weak. (Matthew 26:41) A prolonged stay at the hospital turned out to be the final straw. Anyway, I don't think they're used to the new arrangement, even after all these weeks and months. Sending cards has helped not only Midgie, but helped me get back into cutting paper again — my first love. It's one thing to have a desktop littered with old files, but something else again to have the kitchen table and surrounding area covered with tiny scraps of paper. Paper is just more REAL than computer screens.

This is a photo Evan snapped before I licked the envelope and walked down to the post office. Evan had the idea to do a pop-up card. I think his world is more three-dimensional than mine. He dummied up a card in white cover stock to demonstrate how it worked. It grew into the work you see here. (It's really a lot more impressive if you see the sign pop up as you open it.) Like Evan, I see only the mistakes and the insufficiencies. I'll have to admit, though, it came out looking really nice. We agonized over what the sign should say. We started out with: HI MIDGIE!. She's ninety-one, so we considered Midgie.....91 mi. We thought, maybe she won't get it. I did a really nice Midgie's Diner, but we each had an image of her saying, like old people have a tendency to do, "I DON'T OWN A DINER." So, after a while, HI MIDGIE! looked better and better.

Evan's tinkering with some new pop-up mechanisms. I seem to have acquired stacks and stacks of paper. X-ACTO knives, glue stick, cutting pads, steel rulers, and sketch books litter the kitchen table for days on end. We had dinner in bed the other night. Oh, sorry, that was Valentine's Day. But, I really need a paper room and work stations with big speakers. We all have our dreams, I guess.

Evan adds the following:

If you'd like to buy or make your own card and send it to Midgie, you can do so at the following address:
Mildred Nutter
c/o Ashton Gables #137
2184 Parkway Lake Drive
Birmingham, AL 35244

She won't know who you are, but if you just say you know Jeff from the Internet, it will all kind of make sense. Jeff says the cards really lift her spirits. Then she hides them and finds them all over again. Remember, you don't have to be a nice person to do something nice, but the more nice things you do, the nicer you get. If you're trying real hard to be bad, just sign it with an alias. Remember, HI MIDGIE!


Blogger Jeff N,  said...

how did I get here? I was searching nutter something another on msn search and it brought me here.....amie, a nice card, I rescued from mom and she got the latest, the one with the fist holding tiny flowers on the cover. you don't know how this hit home with me, as mom had planted bulbs one early spring, and the little yellow flowers were too tempting to her little boy Jeff. He picked her a bouquet of these yellow flower, ALL that had just put out their first blooms of spring. Mom has this card as I found it, but she secreted it somewhere only she knows? Thanks for loving my mom in your special way. Evan too, so nice....your friend, Jeff

23/5/06 5:44 AM  

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