Black Cat

Evan complains that I "leave shit all over the house," which I suppose is true. If I spent less time being a nut and more time focused on my art, I'd fill the house more with artistic things than the piles of thoughts and papers I currently accumulate. Things like the cat he doesn't mind. I went through a naked lady phase, there were pieces of ladies everywhere. I enjoy doing cutouts at Borders, but I think the thing that pushed me over the edge into cats and horses was cutting out breasts in the café, turning to Evan to say, "Do you like the nipples on this one?" It had a way of turning heads, and I'm not one to offend. I went through a collecting-stuff-on-the-walk phase, pocketing little gems and displaying them in every blank space throughout the house. Evan longs for the stark minimalism he sees in design magazines. Me, when I look at those same magazines, I see so much potential space to put stuff, though I have to admit, stark modern does appeal, in theory. Maybe in another lifetime.


Anonymous Ari  said...

Reminds me of a cat I had named China. I can see the whole scenario at Borders with the "nipple" stuff...while their cafe` workers work on....

25/5/06 10:19 PM  

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