For the last five or six days I've felt like shit—nausea, dizziness combined with achy muscles and what Evan refers to as "dragon breath." This period has coincided with switching medicines. The last medicine may have caused tachycardia. After my heart pounded, I also felt like shit, so there hasn't been much of a transition between these two problems. I suppose I just have the flu, but if I end up dying from some exotic disease, they'll probably say, " Hmmmmm. Felt like shit, breath like a dragon. Yep, shoulda' gone to the hospital." Evan drug me from bed late this afternoon and made me illustrate my woes, which at the moment include nausea. As I lay in bed wallowing in my discomfort, I thought of a scene I remembered reading in Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie where the heroine was called upon to save a cow in extreme discomfort. The cow mooed and bawled in pain and either Anne or Half Pint came to the rescue by cutting a quick hole in the cow's protruding stomach to release the pressure of the colicy gas. I have visions of a gingham dressed girl stabbing me in the stomach and instantly curing me. Evan says he's keeping all the knives out of reach until further notice. He's not sure that the cow got better. He thinks playing doctor helped Anne or Half Pint feel a lot better, but the cow probably died from infection. I have to remind him that cows only die in the real world. Oh well—burp—time for a hot shower and some mouth wash.


Blogger Bill Eseltine  said...

Hey Amie. Did you know Krames became a father recently?

17/11/06 11:36 PM  
Blogger TheCleaningWoman  said...

Yikes. I was going to offer to swap my misbehaving pancreas but given the dragon breath, maybe I'll pass! :)

Feel better soon.

20/11/06 10:48 PM  
Blogger Jeff N,  said...


I talk to Evan ever now and then and wondered how you were doing. I'll keep it short, and hope this finds you well.

Jeff and Karen

9/11/07 8:39 PM  

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